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We have made a large update to our web site now which includes completing our new web site at and moving the entire RACING section over to that new web site.
In this web site we have updated a few pages in the MEMORABILIA, OTHERWORK section and to the Rudd AC and FEATURES 6 (Cobra 6036) and the FEATURES section has been increased now to 10 cars, this latest one is of an AC Greyhound.
The WORKSHOP GALLERY section has been increased to 26 galleries.

Continuing our update for 2005 the FEATURES section has been updated with a new section, Feature no.9, showing the body restoration of AC Cobra number COB 6044.

Continuing our update for 2005 the FEATURES section has been updated with some more images of the Rudd Ace (F1)
The Ex Ian Mason DB5 ltwt, and one additional picture for the Cobra no 6036.
Page 6 of the PHOTO GALLERY has had some more photos added to it.
The WORKSHOP GALLERY section has now been increased to 23

A long awaited update is now being added to our website following a very busy Christmas period.
Our RACING section has been increased to 10 galleries and Gallery 8 Classic Le Mans has been updated.

We will shortly be creating a new website, which will show off all our racing exploits.
That website will be the main portal to that element of our business, and to this existing website of Brooklands Motor Company which will be more of a showcase of our work.
All the RACING elements of our business will be at our new website of

has also now been added
The FEATURES section has been updated with some more images of the completion of our Rudd Ace in preparation
for the Historic Le Mans race.
Our RACING section is now up to 8 galleries with the latest one from the Historic Le Mans Race.

and WORKSHOP GALLERY 19 have been added

We have completed Page 6 of the PHOTO GALLERY.

We have started to put the JUMP MENU in our Gallery sections.

FEATURES 3 section has been updated and WORKSHOP GALLERY 17 has been added.

has now been completed, the FEATURES 6 section has been updated

WORKSHOP GALLERY 14 and WORKSHOP GALLERY 15 have now been completed.

has now been completed.

Still progressing with our updates.
The Workshop Gallery is now getting updated.
The first one to be filled is WORKSHOP GALLERY 12
The FEATURES section now has a lot more images, in particular our ex Ian Mason DB5 Light weight Aston which now has the body work wrapped onto the chassis, and our Rudd Ace which is painted.
Our RACING section is now up to 7 galleries.

We have a massive amount of images to update our website with, so please bear with us.
We have completed the PHOTO GALLERY update, which now runs to 6 Galleries.
As our website is getting so big, we will be introducing a "Jump Menu" drop down listing for each of the sections, so from the front page of each individual section, you will be able to go straight to a section from the drop down menu.

We hope you had a very good Christmas, and that the New Year brings you all you desire.
Because of the Christmas period, and being very busy generally, we have only just put together this latest update, but we hope it is worth the wait. There is a lot.
We have added a new feature/Icon to make viewing some images better.
Whenever you see a ZoomIcon like this, if you just roll your mouse pointer over it,
it will display a "zoomed" in image showing the work in greater detail. Please note that it is not simply just a LARGER
picture that will take longer to download and take up more of your screen space. It is a ZOOMED IN image of the same size as the original and will fit in the same window.
RUDD ACE FEATURE We were invited to put our Rudd Ace on the AC stand at the NEC display.
You can see the show photos by following the first thumbnail link from the thumbnail selection bar titled Feature 1g
We have painted this car now and have updated the section to show all the work we have carried out to the car.
There are more photos for the Ex Ian Mason LtWt DB5 that we are rebuilding.
We have added a new Feature, no.7 showing some work to COB 6008, an original RHD FIA bodied Cobra.
There are some more pictures and some Trophy's and results sheets for our racing exploits in our Imp
We will be expanding our MARKET section to enable you to post up adds for items to sell or buy.
More on this soon, but it is planned that you will be able to upload images and text for an advert for you.

We have added a lot more images for our WORKSHOP GALLERY section. (We are now up to Gallery no. 12)
The RACING section is now up to 6, and we have some photos of the meeting at GOODWOOD
The RUDD ACE FEATURE has been updated with some more photo's. It is now ready for the painting stage,
and we will of course show the photo's as we prepare and paint it. The car was on display at the NEC in Birmingham
on the AC stand which was a great success and we will show you the pictures from there soon.
We have put up a new style Welcome Page, which you will have seen when you first came into our website.

As well as adding some more pictures showing the doors being rebuilt for the RUDD ACE FEATURE (Feature 1e), and a few more pictures in the WORKSHOP GALLERY 8 and PHOTO GALLERY 4, we have also finished the Authentication PDF of our AC Cobra chassis no. COB 6036
We have also put up a HELP page to give you some advice on using our website.

We have added a lot of new images of work we have carried out over the last 2 months.
In the WORKSHOP GALLERY we are now up to 12 Gallery's.
The RACING section now has 5 Gallery's, including one entirely of photos taken by Alexander Davidis.
The PHOTO GALLERY now has another 2 Gallery's.
The FEATURES section now has a lot of images showing the progress on cars like the Rudd Ace that was
discovered, and the ex Ian Mason DB5 Light Weight that we are totally rebuilding.

We have added some more WORKSHOP GALLERY sections showing restoration work we have carried out to
cars such as a Zagato Bristol and an AC Bristol.
There are also a few more cars in the FEATURES section, showing off an Aston Martin Zagato (V8), A DB5 Volante full restoration and a Cobra, Chassis no. COB 6036 we picked up in pieces from Germany.

We have added a third display to the FEATURES section, showing the rebuild of the ex Ian Mason DB5 Light Weight.

We have created a 'DESKTOP ICON' on the FRONTPAGE that you can download (ZIP file), and put on to your desktop so anytime you want to visit our website, you can just double the ICON and you will sign up and go direct to us.
There are now a lot of historical photos of very early (1950's) Aston Martin's in the MEMORABILIA section.
There are 2 items for sale in the MARKET section, to get the ball rolling, as it were.
There are also a lot of photos in the RACING section, including one of the man who started it off, Caroll Shelby.

We have added two more sections.
One is called RACING where we will detail our exploits on the race track with both Aston Martin's and AC Cobra's.
The other one is called MEMORABILIA where we are going to try to present any historical events and important facts about the cars and any cars that we come across,
like the Rudd AC that was discovered and is now being rebuilt by us.

We have given our website a make over to bring it inline with the fact that most people now have the latest browser,
and a higher specification system to view websites on.
We have also added a lot more images to our Features and Gallery sections.
There is a new section where we will advertise cars and parts that we have for sale. Go to MARKET.

We have begun a new section called FEATURES, which will document specific cars that we are restoring.

We have put together a fairly comprehensive display of some of the cars we have worked on in the Photo Gallery and some "work in progress" type of images in the Workshop Gallery.



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